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2012 Marghera, Italy


The steel mill “Beltrame” in Porto Marghera is just another factory that closes in Italy. In reality, it is a dangerous machine that has exploited thousands of men for decades without anyone worrying about their health or safety. 

On August 3rd, Beltrame owners sent 130 letters of dismissal to all the employees of the Marghera plant. On the next day, the workers organized a protest at the factory gates. Two of them (who wish to remain anonymous) showed me the conditions in which, until the day before, they were forced to work. And the wonder and disbelief are easily comparable to that of the Russians who entered Auschwitz.

Dirt, asbestos, and machinery dating back to the '20s ... evidently, no external organization had ever set foot in this hell, probably kept away with large bribes. In the same way, the numerous incidents and deaths caused by cancer or intoxication had been silenced.

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