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2015 Sogamoso, Colombia


Josè Lizarazo (Muisca name Shirata Lacheva) has Muisca blood running through his veins and took a conscious decision about 30 years ago to conduct a life as close as possible to his indigenous ancestors in deep connection with mother nature (Hichaguaya in Muisca language). His sons grew up with this consciousness and, once reached the maturity, they decided to move to the mountains, build their homes according to Muisca tradition and spend their lives there together with their spouses.


The older son Sebastian (Muisca name Tchamox) lives in the area of Ruchical (Ombachita) on the hills above Sogamoso together with his wife Mariana (Muisca name Mayabita) and their 2 years old daughter Nyia. They cultivate their own vegetables and walk down to town only every 7 or 8 days to sell their artisanal products: Mayabita uses a traditional Muisca loom to produce ornamental rings and bracelets as well as bags; Tchamox paints mythical figures on wood scraps. Near Sebastian's house, they have built a "Sun Calendar" according to the Muisca tradition where the solstices and other important events are celebrated.


Alejandro (Muisca name Tchihisaba) lives in the same area of Ruchical 30 minutes walk downhill from his brother's house together with his partner Catalina (Muisca name Katari). They are building their small nest with traditional Muisca techniques complemented with modern recycling ideas.

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