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NATURE CHALLENGE VIDEO The Prince's Foundation

2021 Scotland, UK

As part of the #POWNatureChallenge, The Prince’s Foundation launched The Patterns in Nature Challenge.

As part of the initiative, young people and their families are being encouraged to spend time outdoors exploring the wonderful patterns that can be found in Nature, and to look closely to see if they can spot any symmetry on leaves, seeds, seashells, plants, and even in the houses and buildings they pass while out walking. During the holidays, why not encourage them to spend some time observing, studying and perhaps even drawing the patterns they find?

The series of challenges have been curated to ensure they are accessible and achievable to all those wanting to take part, whether in urban, rural or seaside locations. All challenges can be carried out locally and any travel should be on foot only

Simon Sadinsky, executive director for The Prince’s Foundation, said: “The work of The Prince’s Foundation is inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales’s philosophy of harmony: that by understanding the balance, the order and the relationships between ourselves and the natural world we can create a more sustainable future.

“Exploring what can be learnt from nature is at the very heart of all of our education programmes. We are very much looking forward to seeing the different ways in which children across the world find inspiration from the natural environment through the Half-Term Challenge.”

Visuals © Giulia Candussi 2021

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