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Migrant Voice is organising a free Media Lab training workshop online. The programme will include two sessions led by media professionals.



Migrant Voice

2020 Scotland, UK 

Sessions include:

  • Structure and edit your videos to strengthen the message: In this workshop, we will look at the practical steps needed to begin editing a short film or video clip. We will also discuss the theory behind the choices you can make as an editor.

  • How to make a photo reportage with your smartphone: In this workshop you will learn the key rules to tell a compelling story through pictures. You will also learn how to make the most of your smartphone, to take better looking photos. 

Scots and new Scots from all over the world - asylum seekers, refugees, and other migrants living in Scotland - join us online to learn media skills that will make your voices heard.

Trainers: Giulia Candussi and Jarvis Gray

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