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AGAINST THE TIDE -  Official Trailer 


A small community on a remote Scottish island lives in deep connection with the land and the weather. This film follows a woman, Gill, during the final stages of her trial period. Will she be accepted and become a full-time member of the community?


At the end of the Bridging the Gap programme, in January 2020, I was invited to pitch my documentary idea in front of a panel of industry professionals and I was one of the lucky winners! I was awarded a cash budget and production support by the Scottish Documentary Institute and Screen Scotland to make an ambitious creative documentary. 


The short film premiered at Glasgow Film Festival 2021 and was selected in the Scottish Competition at Glasgow Short Film Festival 2021. The film is now being sent to other festivals around the world where it will be screened over the next 12 months and beyond. Filmed and directed by Giulia Candussi. Produced by Julia Moon with Cloud Break Pictures. 

AGAINST THE TIDE -  Pitching Trailer 


A remote and wild island on the west coast of Scotland is home to a small group of people that live in deep connection with the land, the sea and the weather. For different reasons, they left their city life to escape their inner demons and to live as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. 


In September 2019 I was selected to participate in the Bridging the Gap programme by the Scottish Documentary Institute and after a few months of training, in January 2020 we were invited to pitch our documentary idea in front of a panel of industry professionals, commissioners, and funders. This is the trailer I used to pitch my idea. 



‘The Victoria Road Project’ documents the work of the company ‘Theatre Senza’ during their artistic residency in Glasgow in June and July 2019. 


This is the trailer of a 30-minutes documentary.

Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Giulia Candussi.



‘The Victoria Road Project’ documents the work of the company ‘Theatre Senza’ during their artistic residency in Glasgow in June and July 2019. ‘The Victoria Road Project’ aims at exploring - through ethnographic techniques mixed with theatre techniques - Victoria Road in Glasgow, as one of the most politically scrutinised, diverse and transforming areas of the country. The company spent some time carrying out creative community engagement activities such as interviews, events and workshops with people who live, work or pass through the street. Some of these encounters has been spontaneous, but the majority has been organised interviews with members of the community who are part of social outreach organisations. The Senza members also spent some time in the rehearsal studios theatrically digesting the material they gathered on the street through physical theatre techniques fused with ethnographic research. To conclude the residency, they organised a game with audience members in the form of a treasure hunt through Victoria Road to inspire further exploration of the road and to embrace its diversity.  


Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Giulia Candussi.



Upstream is an independent documentary about the contrast between mass tourism and sustainable tourism in Venice, Italy. 


The city of Venice owes much of its glory and fame to the lagoon. The Venetians have always been able to respect it and have benefited greatly from it. Today the fragile balance between men and water is breaking because of the large flows of tourists and the giant cruise ships that enter the Venetian lagoon every day.


But there is hope. A few local organizations try to offer to visitors a more sustainable approach to tourism, giving rowing lessons in traditional Venetian boats, trying to re-establish the link with water that has been lost in recent years.

Produced and directed by Giulia Candussi

Filmed and edited by Luis Maurizzio


Every year 15,000 tonnes of litter are dropped on the streets of Scotland. This has a devastating impact on the environment and imposes significant financial costs on the local government. South Ayrshire residents are coming together to tackle this issue by organising litter picking events, by encouraging other people to take pride in their community and by raising awareness about the consequences of improper waste disposal. Despite the collaboration of efforts between the Council and the public, what is the reality about litter? 


Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Giulia Candussi

Additional filming: Luis Maurizzio and Fethi Benaissa


A group of Venetian residents comes together to sing about their everyday problems and frustrations. 


This video is in Italian/Venetian dialect. Please click Closed Captions (CC) for subtitles in English or Italian. Produced, filmed and edited by Giulia Candussi.

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